Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank You to Mark Overstreet for Educating LAUSD’s Students

It is always sad to see a good teacher retire. But I also know that means hundreds, if not thousands, of students have been enriched by a caring and committed educator. That’s what I celebrated last night at the retirement dinner for Mark Overstreet, who worked for the past 30 years in many capacities with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Whether working as a school counselor, psychologist for the GATE program or co-founder—along with his wife Rosa—of the Eastside Association for Gifted Children (EAGC), Mark has conveyed to students that through hard work and dedication, success is not only possible, but expected. LAUSD and its students will miss him, but I’m glad he had the opportunity to shape so many young lives. He was a great teacher in Council District 14 and continues to be a leader in the community of University Hills.