Wednesday, July 2, 2008

La Purisma Neighborhood Watch Community Cleanup

In order to help keep our communities safe, it is important to keep them clean. It’s the “broken windows” theory. If you let a neighborhood get rundown, crime will soon follow. So that is why I was very proud this past weekend when several dozen residents came to show their community pride at this annual event. Organized by Gabriel Sandoval, Neighborhood Watch chair of La Purisima Church, volunteers, young and old, removed unsightly weeds, cleaned alleys, painted over graffiti, and picked up a bin's worth of bulky items. My Council Office provided shovels, rakes and trash bins to help give the community what it needed to clean up. As Councilman, I am proud of the willingness of my constituents to contribute their time and energy toward community betterment projects such as this one. The city can’t do it alone, and together we will make a difference!