Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños Los Angeles: 227 Years of History

I joined about 300 walkers Monday morning to celebrate the 227th birthday of Los Angeles. The annual event started off at dawn at the San Gabriel Mission in the City of San Gabriel and it ended at the plaza at El Pueblo Historical Monument in downtown. The annual event commemorates our city’s 44 forefathers’ journey on Sept. 4, 1781, from the mission to the Los Angeles River where Los Angeles was founded. I walked the whole nine miles (I’m still sore) and was impressed by the large turnout. The walkers included young and old. We were all inspired to finish I’m sure by our ancestors, who had a decidedly more difficult journey. We finished the walk in less than three hours and were reminded all the while that just like it was for our ancestors, Los Angeles is a place where dreams do come true.