Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Healing Arts Come to Ramona Gardens

Three artists and the community members who helped them really have created one of the most stunning murals I’ve seen in a long time. “Art Heals,” dedicated to the women of Ramona Gardens, and featuring women and men surrounded by indigenous and modern images, is stunning and I invite anyone who can to come take a look at it. I talked to community members some time ago and one of the things they said was that there weren’t enough positive images in Ramona Gardens and it was decided that a mural would be a good and positive outlet. I was more than happy to provide $20,000 in funds to create this project. We dedicated the mural on Monday. It was a festive atmosphere, with my Boyle Heights staff serving pan dulce, tamales and champurado. Special thanks to the supremely talented artists who worked on this mural: Raul Gonzalez, Joseph Montalvo and Ricardo Estrada. I told the crowd there that we’re going to do a lot more for Ramona Gardens. This mural is just the beginning.