Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids, Santa, Holiday Lights, Snow and 8,000 Toys!

We held our Third Annual Bridge Lighting and Toy Giveaway on the 4th Street bridge this month (due to Gold Line construction on 1st Street Bridge). We had snow, Santa, games and most importantly (for the kids), toys! We did it again the following week. This time we were in El Sereno for our Winter Wonderland on Huntington Drive. The biggest difference between the two events was the weather. It was really chilly at the El Sereno toy giveaway (great news for all the kids playing in the snow, which was slow to melt). At the two events combined, we gave away about 8,000 toys to some happy boys and girls. And I know in this economy, for some kids, these might be the only toy they get. I want to thank all the wonderful organizations, businesses and volunteers who helped out. A special shout out to our U.S. Marines who hand-delivered toys in El Sereno. Happy Holidays, everyone. Be safe, take care of one another and remember in good times and in bad, if we have the love of our family and friends, we are truly blessed.