Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enjoying the View Below for the Soon-to-Open Metro Eastside Extension

This morning, my staff and I received a very informative tour of the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension, set to open sometime this year. We put on our hard hats, safety goggles and all the rest and went below ground where work is nearing completion. After seeing the tunnel, some of the beautiful artwork and then ascending the stairs at Mariachi Plaza, it was very easy for me to imagine hundreds of people enjoying that view and this world-class transportation system, which is going to be real catalyst for the Boyle Heights area. I want to thank Metro’s Dennis Mori, the Project Manager for the extension, Yvette Rapose, Regional Communications Programs Manager and Fred Smith, Construction Manager, for giving us the tour (as well as James Brown, who made sure we were properly suited up to keep us safe). Can’t wait for the opening!