Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Honoring Workers Whose Day Begins in Darkness

I had the pleasure this week to attend an early morning retirement celebration for Frank Rubio who was retiring after 31 years of faithful service at our highly valued and appreciated Bureau of Sanitation. The reception started bright and early (5:45 a.m.), and the atmosphere was alive and energetic. About 100 co-workers cheered on their friend and colleague, Mr. Rubio, as I presented him with a retirement certificate in honor of his service to our City. Immediately after the ceremony was over, a fleet of trucks rolled out in unison to service our City. It was a great site to see. We often don’t see the faces behind the work. But these men and women are up and working before first light doing a great job to keep our neighborhoods clean. Thank you to them and congratulations again to Mr. Frank Rubio.