Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Highland Park Lands City’s First Bike Corral

Today the City Council unanimously passed my motion to create the City’s first bike corral on York Boulevard in Highland Park. Bike corrals allow for 12-14 bikes to be parked in a space that would normally accommodate one automobile. They are a great use of space and offer bicyclists a safe and secure place to park their bikes, while keeping sidewalks clear for pedestrians. I want to thank the bicycle enthusiasts who supported this legislation. And a big thank you to Café de Leche and the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce, who are putting up the money for the bike corral, which will be placed on York Boulevard between Avenues 50 and 56. Hopefully, we can follow Portland’s model, where at least 20 single-parking spaces have been converted to bike corrals. LAist covered this issue, which you can read HERE.
Photo illustration by Cafe de Leche