Tuesday, May 4, 2010

8a.m. Cinco de Mayo Valley Bridge Opening Celebration in El Sereno!

Join me, Department of Public Works President Cynthia Ruiz and the El Sereno Middle School marching band tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., Cinco De Mayo, for the opening of new Valley Boulevard bridge in El Sereno! With up to 30 freight trains passing per day, this multi-million dollar bridge ends traffic jams at tumultuous train crossing and is what I consider to be an environmental justice victory for this community. It has been a 35+ year wait to ensure that this bridge became a reality. Located between Eastern and Marianna Avenues, the busy train crossing linking the San Gabriel Valley to downtown Los Angeles has long been a source of frustration for residents, commuters and police and fire officials. Eastbound lanes opened in January 2009 for the new bridge, which promises to be a source of community pride as artists have utilized personal photos of residents in tile and limestone art pieces on the bridge depicting the history of El Sereno.

Pictured: Design of the bridge as show at Eastbound lanes opening in January 2009.