Wednesday, July 14, 2010

City’s First Completely Green Solar Paneled Park in Boyle Heights

In an effort to bring green resources to our City, I joined with Rec & Parks GM Jon Mukri and City Engineer Gary Lee Moore today to announce that Pecan Park in Boyle Heights has received solar panels, which were installed over the newly renovated outdoor basketball court pavilion and will enable the park to go completely off of the City’s electrical grid. This is a major and significant step in helping the City turn to cleaner and greener energy and I will work with my colleagues to ensure that this is the first of many such solar-paneled parks. The new panels will generate enough energy to power 22 homes and will in fact create more energy than the park needs, with the extra energy going to back to the grid system at a lower cost. We also announced several Prop K improvements at the park including new outdoor basketball court backboards, floor stripes and lighting improvements. The solar panels were installed on top of the basketball pavilion this year. In 2009, a new playground structure was completed – previously we opened a new gymnasium at the park. Thanks to Park Director Jose Lopez, all the kids who came out, Sean Rooks and the Clippers who hosted a basketball clinic, and retired parks employee Harry Surmenian, who the solar panels are named after.