Monday, July 19, 2010

Highlighting the City’s First Weather Station in Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington Weather Station

I joined my colleague Ed Reyes and City/County Fire Department leaders and Mt. Washington residents this past Friday to raise awareness about the City’s first Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS), located in Mt. Washington. The weather station, which relays frequently updated weather information via satellite, will enable the National Weather Service, working with City and County fire agencies, to better determine when the need arises for Red Flag Warnings in Mt. Washington and the surrounding region. Councilmember Reyes and I contributed about $7,700 of discretionary funds apiece to pay for the new system that now gives the National Weather Service more accurate information and cut back on Red Flag warning days—which require costly personnel preparation by fire departments and the removal of automobiles from affected hillside communities.

Perhaps most importantly, the Mt. Washington Weather Station will ensure that when a Red Flag warning is issued for the area, residents should heed those warnings. I want to give special thanks to all the partners who collaborated on this project: the Los Angeles City and County fire officials, who worked together to get the system operational; the National Weather Service; and Mt. Washington community members such as Chris Howard and Arline De Sanctis, who made their voices heard on this very important issue.

Click here to see up-to-the-minute weather updates for the Mt. Washington RAWS location. Below is footage of from the press conference highlighting the City’s first weather station in Mt Washington.