Monday, September 27, 2010

Election Reform Coalition Announces Los Angeles Voters’ Bill of Rights

Trent Lange-Jose Huizar-Kathay Feng-David Holtzman

I was honored to join other civic leaders in calling for election reform today on the steps of City Hall. We all have to come together to fight voter apathy and fatigue, and the creation of the Los Angeles Voters’ Bill of Rights is a major step in that direction. It came out of the Government Reform Forum Series I launched earlier this year and is part of a larger goal of increasing voter turnout in the City of Los Angeles, ensuring fair elections and saving the City much-needed money. Here is a link to my remarks as well as the full news conference from start to finish. My hope is for the four-part Bill of Rights proposal to be placed on the March 2011 ballot.

Enjoy the slideshow of the event. Here are links to coverage in the Daily News and L.A. Times as well as the press release we put out earlier today.