Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Working to Protect Senior Meal Programs

Councilmember Jose Huizar

I am concerned that nearly $5.6 million in City Senior Food program and other services could run out under the state budget stalemate. Many of the City programs, which rely on federal funds passed through the state, are in jeopardy of discontinuing services until the state passes a budget and frees up the funds.

Hoping to ensure that Senior meal programs in the City of Los Angeles see no disruption in services, the City Council approved my motion today asking City staff to report back in one week on possible bridge funding measures to keep the vital services going. The meal services often represent the only hot meal Seniors receive.

While all of us hope that the governor and the state legislature act quickly, today the City of Los Angeles said we are not going to wait. Seniors should not have to be anxiety ridden wondering where their next meal is coming from. We’re talking about a basic human need for people. City staff will report back to Council next Tuesday on possible bridge-funding options.

You can click here for additional information in my press release on today’s Council vote. You can also view the Daily News story on the ramifications of the state budget not being passed.