Friday, January 21, 2011

'Clean Up Green Up': L.A.’s Next Generation of Environmental Justice

Councilmember Jose Huizar-Clean Up-Green Up-Economic Development-Environmental Justice-Los Angeles

Today I joined with colleagues on the City Council to introduce legislation to create “green zones” in communities that are inundated with more than their fair share of heavy industry, a long-time practice that has created health hazards that lead to increased episodes of cancer, asthma and other pollution-related illnesses.

The legislation will focus primarily on the communities of Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington. As someone who grew up in Boyle Heights and lives there today with my wife and four children, I am very concerned about the effects the surrounding industrial sites have on the air that my children, and my neighbors’ children, breath.

The Clean Up Green Up legislation represents the work of dedicated community activists and elected officials to create a new generation of Environmental Justice, where instead of fighting some proposed industrial use site or expansion of an existing one, we want to work with existing businesses to create incentives and standards that lead to greener, cleaner and more sustainable communities.

We also want to encourage new, green industries that bring green jobs, with the long-term goal of creating healthier communities where our children can be successful and thrive.

Enjoy the slideshow from the event. You can also view coverage in LAist, CBS and Eastern Group Publications.