Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surplus Food: Connecting Those Who Have it With Those Who Need it

With our City’s new Surplus Food policy in place, creating a cultural shift in getting people to think about donating surplus food is as important as any policy we create.

We know the demand is there, especially in tough economic times where we are seeing the faces of those needing emergency food services change to include more children and families – including adults who might have once donated food themselves.

We know the supply is dwindling, but there is still plenty out there. With 5 million tons of good, edible food ending up in landfills every year in California we have to start thinking about donating surplus food the same way we think about recycling.

National Public Radio’s Karen Grigsby Bates did a report on our program and the need to do more. Go to our website, for more information on Surplus Food donations.