Monday, January 17, 2011

Survey L.A. Aims to Unearth Historical L.A.

Councilmember Jose Huizar-SurveyLA-Boyle Heights-Walking Tour-CD 14-Los Angeles

With only 15% of Los Angeles ever surveyed for potential historical sites, I was proud to see Survey L.A., a comprehensive historical survey project, kick off in Boyle Heights. While Survey L.A. will eventually cover the entire City, I worked with the Los Angeles Conservancy, the Boyle Heights Historical Society, the Planning Department’s Office of Historic Resources, the Getty Foundation and other community stakeholders to begin the project in Boyle Heights, one of the city’s oldest suburbs.

More than 200 people recently attended a walking tour of several historic sites located on or near Boyle Avenue, as well as a presentation releasing preliminary results of one of the largest surveys ever undertaken in the nation. Here is the podcast and footage of my welcoming remarks.

During the survey of Boyle Heights, we identified two potential Historic Districts (Boyle Avenue and Mt. Pleasant) and 33 individual buildings in Boyle Heights as potentially historic. The walking tour featured more than a dozen sites, including five on Boyle Avenue where docents offered tour-goers a glimpse into the long and varied history of Boyle Heights, including the “Max Factor home.” The house represents a microcosm of Boyle Heights’ diverse history, having seen homeowners of Jewish, Japanese and Latino descent through the years.

I want to personally thank all of those who helped make the event a success: the Puente Learning Center; the Los Angeles Planning Department’s Office of Historic Resources; the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles; the Boyle Heights Historical Society; the Los Angeles Conservancy; the Getty Foundation; the Jewish Historical Society of Southern California; the Breed Street Shul; Keiro Senior Healthcare; the International Institute; ELACC; Hollenbeck Palms; the Alba Family; a crew of Cal Poly Pomona students and other volunteers.

Enjoy the slideshow of the event.