Monday, November 21, 2011

Turning L.A.'s Car Culture into L.A.'s Bike & Pedestrian Culture

Photo: Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

Today we celebrated the City's first Green Bike Lanes on Spring St. in Downtown and First St. in Boyle Heights. I worked to get First Street on the City's Master Bike Plan and as a Metro Dir., we were able to secure funding for the green, pre-formed thermoplastic lane markings that are now in place on First Street. On Spring Street, we painted Green lanes throughout the route.

We'll see how both options hold up and where we can do more in the future. L.A. has long been known for its car culture - we want to turn that on its head - make Los Angeles a bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly city. Thanks to everyone who helped get this done, especially the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the bicycling community, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Metro, the Mayor and my colleagues on the City Council.