Friday, September 4, 2009

El Sereno Sees Business Improvements Along Huntington Drive

I’m very proud to see that El Sereno is seeing a revitalization of its business corridor. In 2006, I asked the City’s Community Development Department to find projects that would improve the business environment along Huntington Drive and I was happy we were able to set aside $354,000 for El Sereno Beautification. Yesterday I was joined by LANI – the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, the El Sereno Steering Committee, community members and youth from Barrio Action Youth Family Center to celebrate the renovations in façade and signage of many store fronts alongside the Huntington Drive Corridor. Together, we are helping beautify and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment for the community.

Aside from a new building, lighting and signage improvements to nine storefronts between Castalia and Rosemead avenues, the renovations allowed one property owner the opportunity to lease three spaces that have been empty for more than 20 years. For their involvement, LANI awarded the El Sereno Steering Committee, which consists of El Sereno stakeholders and property and business owners, their 2009 Outstanding Community Project Award winners.

Recently, my office has also help fund the trimming of 500 trees along Huntington Drive and Eastern Avenue, as well as add 20 new trash receptacles and increased bulky-item pickups throughout El Sereno. Thank you to everyone that keeps making these improvements possible!