Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Hillside Ordinance Will Protect Hillsides and Residents

The City Council recently enacted the Northeast Hillside Ordinance, which will bring much-needed uniformity and safety standards to new construction on hillside properties in El Sereno, Hermon, Lincoln Heights, Monterey Hills and Glassell Park. This ordinance will protect the natural habitat and picturesque views that residents enjoy, while keeping them safe from unchecked development and haphazard construction. Before the ordinance, builders could remove as much dirt from our hillsides as they wanted, creating eyesores and dangerous conditions. Supported by Councilmember Ed Reyes and me through our work on the Planning & Land Use Management Committee, as well as fire officials, environmentalist and residents, this new ordinance will place ceilings on building and retaining wall heights and square footage for new construction beginning Jan. 9, 2009. This new policy will bring our community more in line with similar, effective standards already in place in surrounding communities.