Wednesday, December 8, 2010

City Adopts New Surplus Food Policy – Could be Model for Nation

Councilmember Jose Huizar-Food Policy-Los Angeles City Hall 2

I am pleased that the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to enact a new groundbreaking surplus food policy for all City departments and elected offices. We are taking a historic step in eradicating hunger in the City of Los Angeles. By establishing a Surplus Food program, we will increase food donations to needy Angelenos, including a growing number of families and children. Furthermore, today’s action will establish a policy that can be expanded to the private sector. Our goal is quite simply to make donating surplus food in the City of Los Angeles as common as recycling.

Special thanks to City department leaders and food advocates who joined me at a press conference before Council session to outline details of the City final report. You might note that as part of the legislation, a website,, has been established and City of Los Angeles' 311 operators can now refer callers to local food banks to donate or receive food services.