Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Councilmember Huizar Promoting Auto Safety with Hollenbeck Community Police Station

Jose-Huizar-Anita Ortega-Auto Safety Locks1

With car thefts down 14 percent in Hollenbeck Division, I joined with Hollenbeck LAPD Capt. Anita Ortega and her team today to keep that trend going by giving away free steering-wheel auto-theft devices to people living in the Hollenbeck Division (Boyle Heights, El Sereno aand Lincoln Heights). Specifically, we are giving them away to registered owners of 1989-2000 Honda Accords, Civics and Toyota Camrys, as well as 1990s Acura Integras, which are sought-after vehicles by thieves. During the holidays we want to encourage people to take the 30 seconds that it takes to put the anti-theft locks on and avoid a lot of heartache. Special thanks to the LAPD and the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce. If Hollenbeck runs out of the 100 clubs over the next couple of days and there are more eligible car owners seeking locks, my office will provide additional funding to purchase more auto-theft devices. If you are eligible for a device, go to Hollenbeck by tomorrow or call (323) 342-8400 or (323) 342-4140 for more information.